Earning trust

To put affairs of the heart in the hands of an outsider is a step that needs to be fully thought through. Above all else it requires trust – preferably in large doses! This is equally true for both business and private interactions.

If you value trustworthiness and efficiency, then we are the right business partner for you. Visionaries with healthy and realistic judgement skills.


We realise how important your project is to you. For this reason, we pledge you our word: we will plan and implement for you.

No matter how big or small a project may be, we are fully aware of our responsibilities in planning, implementing and achieving a good result. When all is said and done, you will know as well as we do that your trust in us proved to be an excellent investment.

Assessing and understanding situations in their entirety and seeking solutions together, which always include the human factor: this is what defines STARK project management & industrial solutions.

Business portfolio

STARK project management & industrial solutions will work for you in the following fields. An abundance of know-how and many years of experience flow together here into the successful realisation of your tasks.

Project management
Database development
Planning of workshops
Test bench construction


Universal solutions – yet each one individual. Everything we have learned can be implemented for you in a wide range of industries.
Participate in the benefits of our experience in other sectors of industry.

Power plant construction
Automotive engineering

Your goals - our challenge:

“Difficult situations are our daily bread and butter. They show us where we need to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to find economical, streamlined solutions.

The key aspect here is that we focus on the essentials.

Never lose sight of the motivation of all the involved parties and the implementation of constructive ideas: this is our recipe for your success“

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